Main Products

Main Products

Cargo pipe clamp, support and support ring

CLAMP & SUPPORT RING (H-BEAM + U-BOLT) is a product that is installed to the PIPE of the LNG. When LNG GAS is loaded and unloaded, the PIPE may get damaged or be harmed due to the changes caused by the LNG GAS. This product is made to prevent such damages and to make smooth and organic movements possible.

Stainless steel corner

STAINLESS STEEL CORNER is located at the corner of the CARGO TANK innards, and is assembled with INSULATION, which plays a role of providing insulation. It is a very important part and its purpose is to combine INSULATION PANEL with the MEMBRANE. It is categorized into STAINLESS STEEL CORNER 2WAY and 3WAY according to the installed area, which are all installed in accordance with the shapes and forms of each corners located inside the CARGO TANK. About 30 different types of the product are manufactured.

Anchor strip

ANCHOR STRIP is an important part that is required to fix the MEMBRANE SHEET to the INSULATION PANEL that is to be installed inside the CARGO TANK of the LNG ship. It is categorized into SECONDARY BARRIER and PRIMARY BARRIER. About 40 different types of the product are manufactured.